Season 1, Episode 1
Sex Title Card
Air date May 16, 2002
Written by Gina Riley

Jane Turner
Magda Szubanski (Additional material)

Directed by Ted Emery
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Sex is the first episode of Season 1. The episode first aired on May 16, 2002.


Kath Day is enjoying life as an empty nester until her recently married daughter Kim moves back in, insisting her marriage to Brett is "O-V-A-H", despite only being married two months. Kim finds out that Kath has turned her room in to an exercise room where she does her pump and pilates.

Much to Kim's disgust, Kath has a new lover and they're going for it like rabbits. Kath has a feeling in her waters that Kel is about to make their sensual relationship a mere formality.

Meanwhile, Kim enlists 'second best friend', Sharon's help to stalk her estranged husband, with disastrous results.


Main CastEdit

Kim returns home

Kim returns home.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Kath & Kim are supposed to live in the suburbs, however during 'Wine Time' the water can clearly be seen. Thus showing that they are not truly in the suburbs.
  • The line said by Kath at the beginning of the episode 'It's over, O-V-A-H', in reference to her marriage will be said again by Epponnee-Rae in a flash-forward scene in the season 3 episode 99% Fat Free.
  • This episodes production code is 101.

Quotes Edit

Sharon: Kim, I think it's nice about your mum and Kel. Don't you think it's nice that she's got a boyfriend? Or are they day factos?

Kim: Day facto, night facto... the fact that they're facto-ing at all I find repulsive in the extreme.

Kath: Oh Kim, I'm very proud to say that last night Kel made me feel more like a woman than I have in a very long time.

Kim: Not before breakfast, ploise!
Kath: Oh no Kim, I need to talk about it, you know last night Kel touched me, he touched me in nooks and in unexplored crannies I never knew I had.

Kim: [To self] You couldn't ask for a better friend than Sharon. She's one of those people that make you feel better by just being around. You know, by comparison.

Kath: I like to keep myself trim, Kim. Does it make me a crim to keep myself trim?