Kath : Come on Brett, Kim's not that shallow!

Kim: Shut up mum, yes I am.

Kath and Kim, Lust, Season 4 Episode 7

Kath & Kim Season 4
Season 4
Season 4 DVD Cover
Original channel Seven Network
Original run August 19, 2007 - October 14, 2007
Episodes 8
Premiere Holiday
Finale Wedding of the Century
DVD release
Region 2 TBA
Region 4 October 17, 2007
Season chronology
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Season 4 had it's season première on August 19, 2007 with Holiday and continued until the season finale, Wedding of the Century on October 14, 2007. The season contained 8 episodes. The region 4 DVD was released on October 17, 2007. The region 2 DVD is yet to be released.

Following a break in 2006, Kath & Kim began shooting a fourth season with the series moving to the Seven Network. The season première attracted an Australian audience of 2.521 million nationally.

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Changes from previous seasons Edit

Changes in the fourth season include Kel's Daewoo Matiz being replaced by a Smart Fortwo and Brett's Mitsubishi Magna Stationwagon replaced by a late 1980s Holden Commodore (of the same colour used in the first three seasons). Kim has an early 1990s Suzuki Vitara and in the final episode, Brett swaps a late 1980s Mazda 121 for a Mitsubishi Colt Cabriolet. Sharon and Kim appear on fellow Seven Network show Deal or No Deal in a few specially-filmed scenes. The last episode of Kath and Kim became their lowest rated episode.

Episodes Edit

No in series No in season Title Original air date Production code
25 1 Holiday August 19, 2007 401
Brett plans a romantic trip away with Kim in tropical Queensland to try and re-invigorate their marriage. Much to Brett's chagrin, Kath, Kel and Sharon go along. Brett clashes with Kath and she storms off. Sharon is accused of ball tampering, again.
26 2 Fame August 26, 2007 402
Kim is sparing no expense to ensure Epponnee's first birthday party blows everyone out of the water. Kel wins a retailer's award but lets it go to his head, resulting in a punchup with Eric Bana at celebrity event at Bonbeach station.
27 3 Work September 2, 2007 403
Kath becomes a health professional – with a TAFE certificate to prove it – and gives Kel yoga massages. When Kel is injured and off work, his new apprentice Katie (Katie Hastings) revamps the butcher store, which includes bringing in the fresh "grass" she has grown at home in her hydroponic garden. Kim plans a new career as a cosmetic surgeon – with Sharon as her guinea pig. Brett is busting to impress his bosses at work.
28 4 Environment September 9, 2007 404
Kim has her sights set on a private school for Epponnee. Kath and Kel invest in a grey water recycling system, which nearly rolls away in the car park.
29 5 House September 16, 2007 405
Kath and Kel's ensuite receives much traffic after Kim and Brett move in and convert the other bathroom into a nursery, and the downstairs toilet becomes blocked. With the neighbour's house for sale, Kel puts in an offer. Sharon and Kim put their smarts on the line as contestants on Deal or No Deal.
30 6 Roots September 23, 2007 406
Kath unravels a secret about her family's heritage. Sharon meets her long-lost half sister from England, Karen. Sharon is disappointed when Karen bonds with Kim. Kath looks into her Aboriginal heritage, but Kim isn't happy to find out about her ancestry. Kel is disappointed when his research fails to turn up any nobility amongst his ancestors, until Karen's wig and Kim's celebrity magazine suggest otherwise.
31 7 Lust October 7, 2007 407
Sharon has sworn off men and has been celibate for three months. Brett has had a one night stand and Kim throws him out. Sharon becomes too lusty watching sportsmen on TV and uses chocolate as a substitute. With nowhere to go Brett stays with Sharon but with the sport on TV and no chocolate in the house they wind up in bed together, giving Kim a nasty shock the following morning.
32 8 Wedding of the Century October 14, 2007 408
Sharon falls in love with Wayne, and Kath and Kim plan Sharon's wedding. Brett is fired from Computa City but gets a job at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Brett buys another apartment for Kim and Epponnee and a car for Sharon: a Mitsubishi Colt as a limosuine for her upcoming wedding. Kath and Kel embark on a new business venture, turning their house into a beautiful bed and breakfast. After Sharon's wedding she sadly announces Wayne has bought a phone. Kath & Kel's Kountry Kottage is overrun by family members returning to stay: Brett and Kim can no longer afford the apartment as Kim owes $90,000 in overdue DVD fines.