Kel: Keep Saturday night free, because after that there will be no doubt that I, Kel Graham Knight, am all the man you need!... now, what did I do with my man-bag?

Kel Knight, Gay, Episode 2, Season 1

Kath & Kim Season 1
Season 1
Season 1 DVD Cover
Original channel ABC TV
Original run May 16, 2002 – July 4, 2002
Episodes 8
Finale The Wedding
DVD release
Region 2 June 20, 2005
Region 4 October 8, 2002
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Season 2

Season 1 of Kath & Kim had it's season premier on May 16, 2002 with Sex and continued until the season finale, The Wedding on July 4, 2002. The season contained 8 episodes. The region 4 DVD was released on October 8, 2002 and the region 2 DVD was released on June 20, 2005.


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Episodes Edit

No in series No in season Title Original air date Production code
1 1 Sex May 16, 2002 101
Kath's recently married daughter Kim moves back in insisting her marriage to Brett is over. Kim begins to suspect Brett is having an affair and has her second best friend Sharon stalk him. Meanwhile Kim is disgusted that her mother Kath is dating butcher Kel Knight. Kel proposes to Kath at Harvey Norman's.
2 2 Gay May 26, 2002 102
Kim swears off men and takes up golf with Sharon. This leads Kath to suspect Kim is a lesbian. When Kath voices her theory to Kel, he reasons that homosexual activity isn't unusual or uncommon: afterall he was in the navy for six years. Kath begins to question her relationship with Kel. Kim goes speed dating with Sharon, who meets fiddler Mark. None of the men are interested in Kim and she calls Brett to come rescue her.
3 3 Sport May 30, 2002 103
Kim joins Sharon's netball team so she can rough up the Bolton twins, who seduced Brett when he was drunk. Kel is obsessed with making the perfect gourmet sausage.
4 4 Fat June 6, 2002 104
Kim quits smoking but her increased eating means she cannot fit into her bridesmaid's dress. She tries the Celine Cuisine diet plan, based on Celine Dion's diet. Sharon becomes a marriage guidance counsellor. Kath and Kel fall out over their vows when they meet Marion the marriage celebrant.
5 5 Old June 13, 2002 105
Kim makes Kath feel self conscious about her age so she invests in the new homeboy fashion range. Kath is upset when Kel stands her up several times (he's secretly learning to waltz). Kim maintains her treat-'em-mean-keep-'em-keen campaign with Brett.
6 6 Money June 20, 2002 106
Kath is desperate to raise the money to hire a carriage for the wedding. When all else fails she holds a lingerie party, with Kim and Sharon as models. Kel asks Brett to be his best man. Kim becomes obsessed with the internet, indulging in home shopping and chatroom dating. Kel suspects Kath has a new lover.
7 7 Party June 27, 2002 107
Kim organises Kath's hen's night after rejecting Sharon's idea – a marathon session of Rocky and Mighty Ducks videos. Kath and Kim have a night to remember after their drinks are apparently "spiked". Kel and Brett's sedate "Buck's turn" ends horribly when they are robbed and chained up in their underwear outside Flinders Street Station.
8 8 The Wedding July 4, 2002 108
The big day is beset by hitches: Kath suffers a horse hair allergy and from slippery shoes, Kim forgets to clean the bin before filling it with punch, Kel indulges in too much Dutch courage, the horse used to pull the carriage goes on the rampage. Kim, Kath and Sharon end up in hospital.