This is a list of guest stars who have appeared in Kath & Kim.

  • Glenn Butcher has played various characters throughout series.
    • Series one: a bartender during Kath's hens night.
    • Series two:Judge for the volunteers of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
    • Series Three: A waiter at a local restaurant at which Kath had been stoodup.
    • Da Kath & Kim Code: A car rental sales man who rents out a car to John Monk.
    • Kath & Kimderella; Sergio
  • Frank Woodley guest-starred in Party as a Wrestling fan. He also appeared in Kath & Kimderella as the Castle Interpretor.
  • Rachel Griffiths guest-starred as herself, at the races with a very drunk Kath, in The Mango Espadrille.
  • Mark Holden guest-starred as himself, when Kim enters her baby daughter Epponee Rae into a baby competition called Bub's Idol (as Mark is a judge on Australian Idol), in The Mango Espadrille.
  • Geoffrey Rush and his wife Jane Menelaus guest-starred in Sitting on a Pile as neighbours Geoff and Jane. Menelaus also played the wedding shop assistant in Old and the maternity wear shop keeper in The Shower.
  • Gerry Connolly guest-starred as Meryl Streep, Musical Director at the Fountain Lakes Players, in Kicking Up a Stink.
  • Kylie Minogue guest-starred as Epponnee Rae, in the future, on her wedding day, in 99% Fat Free. She also had a brief, uncredited role at the end of Foxy on the Run as herself.
  • Michael Bublé guest-starred as himself, when Kath and Kel became back-up dancers at his performance, in Da Kath & Kim Code.
  • Barry Humphries guest-starred as John Monk, an albino The Da Vinci Code European tour guide in Da Kath & Kim Code. He also made a brief cameo as Dame Edna Everage in Kath & Kimderella.
  • The Wiggles guest-starred as themselves in Da Kath & Kim Code.
  • Rob Sitch guest-starred as the host of the Fountain Gate Retailer of the Year Awards in Fame. He also played King Javier in Kath & Kimderella
  • Eric Bana guest-starred as himself in Fame while attending a coffee cart opening party at Bonbeach railway station.
  • Maggie Beer, Shannon Bennett, Bill Granger, Donna Hay, and Kylie Kwong all guest-starred as themselves in Work as customers of Kel's butcher shop.
  • Katie Hastings also appeared in Work as Kel's apprentice butcher.
  • Matt Lucas guest-starred as Karen, a plus sized model who was travelling for work in Australia. She is Sharon's long lost half-sister from the United Kingdom and appeared in Roots. He also features as the character in a recorded message to Sharon before her wedding in Wedding of the Century.
  • Shane Warne guest-starred as Wayne, a Shane Warne impersonator, who marries Sharon at Luna Park, Melbourne in Wedding of the Century.

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