Season 1, Episode 2
Gay Title Card
Air date May 26, 2002
Written by Jane Turner

Gina Riley
Magda Szubanski (Additional Material)

Directed by Ted Emery
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Sex is the second episode of Season 1. The episode first aired on May 26, 2002.


Kim swears off men and takes up golf with Sharon. This leads Kath to suspect Kim is a lesbian. When Kath voices her theory to Kel, he reasons that homosexual activity isn't unusual or uncommon: after all he was in the navy for six years. Kath begins to question her relationship with Kel.

Meanwhile, Brett's relationship with a 75kg Rottweiler by the name of Cujo has Kim's nose out of joint. She's out to sow her rolled oats and, with encouragement from Sharon, they go speed dating at the local pub., who meets fiddler Mark. None of the men are interested in Kim and she calls Brett to come rescue her.


Main CastEdit

Kel reveals homosexual expereince

Kel reveals his homosexual experiences in the Navy.

Guest StarsEdit

  • Judith Chaplin as Speed Dating Instructor
  • Quentin James as Speed-Dater
  • Tony Martin as Mark

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Homosexuality has been decriminalized in all States of Australia. The first State to do this was South Australia in 1972 and the last State was Tasmania in 1997.


  • Sharon: I've taken up golf, Mrs. D.
  • Kath: Oh really?
  • Sharon: Yeah. Me and the girls are going down to the Peninsula to play in a tournament.
  • Kim: Which girls?
  • Sharon: Oh, you know, K.D., Ellen, Martina. Just the usual gang.

  • Kath: You're a Dutch sea wall Kim!
  • Kim: (Confused) What?
  • Kath: A dyke! On a bike... if you like...
  • Kim: Mum, I'm not gay.

  • Kim: That could be the theme of your wedding... mutton dressed as lamb!